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Azyra and Wain by DrawTwist Azyra and Wain :icondrawtwist:DrawTwist 5 0
Dragon Hunter - Chapter 2
Dragon Hunter
Chapter 2
3rd February
9.54 pm

I ran towards the house, now with a bag of food. I was worried for Laura. My trip to the village had taken way too long. Did she hear when I told her to lock the doors? I took my keys and unlocked the front door. My fingers were already numb from trying to find a busstop.
I kicked the snow off my boots and took off my winter clothes. 9.54 pm.
I'd been gone for around three hours. I sighed and proceeded to put the food in the fridge and cabinets.
Suddenly, I heard light tapping against the wooden floor. I didn't look at her as I spoke,
"Sorry for taking so long. It usually takes two hours instead."
As I put in the last piece of food, I looked at her. Her blue eyes pierced into mine.
She walked up to me, keeping eyecontact. Her expression was unreadable. Who knew a seven year old could look so intimidating.
"Okay, end with the game. Whats wrong? Did someone get in?"
Laura didn't rep
:icondrawtwist:DrawTwist 3 7
Dragon Hunter - Chapter 1

Dragon Hunter
Chapter 1
5.37 pm.
Thursday 2nd February 1988.

"Dear Valorin.
If you ever get this letter, which I highly doubt, please consider staying away from me. I have no tolerance whatsoever for what you've been doing for eight years. Not sending any message or visiting at all, I mean. I would kindly suggest you have your own life in the city and don't show your face in my parts. Ever.
Sincerely, Val."
I read it out loud another time. It felt as though I've written this over and over again! My hand was numb and my throat was sore. I had written, not to mention read, almost twenty different letters for the traitor known as my brother.
I sighed and went outside, seeing the mail man stand there.
The mail man nodded kindly, "Hello, Valon."
"Hi. Would you mind getting this to Backworthstreet 11? It's important and I'm no where near an universal mailbox."
I plastered a smile on my face as he grabbed it with a nod.
"Count on me! It'll be there by thursday!"
I sigh
:icondrawtwist:DrawTwist 3 5
Wain Dream -my character- by DrawTwist Wain Dream -my character- :icondrawtwist:DrawTwist 3 10 A sad and dark day in the curse called Life by DrawTwist A sad and dark day in the curse called Life :icondrawtwist:DrawTwist 1 5 Fight-Mercy-Save by DrawTwist Fight-Mercy-Save :icondrawtwist:DrawTwist 7 7 Bravest Monster (Undertale) by DrawTwist Bravest Monster (Undertale) :icondrawtwist:DrawTwist 9 6 Rowlet (#3) by DrawTwist Rowlet (#3) :icondrawtwist:DrawTwist 3 3 Piplup (Second Pokemon-drawing) by DrawTwist Piplup (Second Pokemon-drawing) :icondrawtwist:DrawTwist 6 9 Torchic (First pokemon-drawing) by DrawTwist Torchic (First pokemon-drawing) :icondrawtwist:DrawTwist 5 10
Mature content
Payback Time! Chapter 7 Alternate Universe :icondrawtwist:DrawTwist 3 3
Payback Time! Chapter 6 Alternate Universe
"Payback Time" Alternate Universe
Chapter 6 - A Responsibility
Ike was walking around town. It was near dusk and it was slightly humid.
As he walked, he started thinking of his friends. They all had something incredible or horrible in their past, while Ike was just plain normal. He happened across Jonathan when he was very little, so he really never had a horrible past. Ike figured that was the reason he hadn't gotten a nightmare, yet.
The hexxed stopped walking and looked around. His ears twitched, trying to locate someone. He had to admit, this feeling had haunted him since he went outside.
Ike was being followed, and he knew it. He started walking causciously while looking around. There wasn't alot of people on the move by this time on the morning. Who would like to go outside in this weather anyways? Well, except for him.
Ike hurried from the small town, starting to feel uneasy. The house was so close, yet so far away. He looked around, starting to panic as he notic
:icondrawtwist:DrawTwist 2 0
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Awesome or nice things I like :3


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi, stranger or friend! Welcome to this humble deviant's page!

I'm going to tell about myself alil.
I'm not an adult (that's all you get to know)
I enjoy drawing sonic, naruto and writing stories about my FC's.
A story that I'm in love with is actually Meeting the Family, which is one of my friend's work! SonicRanger-1
Support her and my other friends or I'll end you.
Okay sorry. I just really like my friends and that story :)

I hope you enjoy my page. Please stay and stay updated. There's an update that makes so if you press Watch, I will be greatly happy. :D Isn't that just sooo cool?

Anyways thank again if you like my art or any of the jibberish I make :D Thank you.

Bye friend or stranger. Hope you enjoyed ;m;


I'll just stop posting art on here. I know it takes a while to be acknowledged but 3 favorites from 85 watchers is just sad.

I worked hard on that art work. HECK, i've made many non-sonic-related works but they all only gets like 2-4 fav and maybe 2 comments while art I haven't been working on at all get's like 6 comments.

It saddens me that I can't make other sorts of art for my watchers. So I'm not gonna submit ever again. The latest artwork has stayed as my most proud artwork for days, weeks, months! Even after a year, I still love it so much so I decided to post it here.

It doesn't help that many of my friends I had have left. I understand why now. This is making me feel unnoticed for the artwork I actually worked on. I'm just never going to post artworks I've worked weeks on. Because sketches get more attention then the finished and most amazing for my standards artworks.
I love how people are hating on Infinite now! Silver is finally better than a character!!! :D
Oh hi. I'm making status posts again Need Some Fish 50x50 (Emoticon GIF) Markiplier's Awkward Smile 50-px 
Oh no.. my friend suddenly deactivated after leaving a status saying that they got a huge depression (i think they has confirmed it too)

No no no... why did they deactivate?! I don't want them to leave! they was such a good friend! They were one of those friends I made that would always be there!!!


Please get better..!

Otherwise I'll get so broken inside..!
How do one unwatch a deactivated deviant? Peridot emote 



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